We set out to form a Hand Club with a primary goal of bringing together a group of friends who also happen to be hand surgeons.

Manu Amici is established upon 5 pillars that each of our members strives to embody:

1) Friendship. As the first pillar, we recognize that the subsequent pillars are all best performed among friends and colleagues. We are committed to supporting each other, sharing our lives and families, and growing together.

2) Mentorship. We believe in supporting residents and fellows through the fellowship application and job search process. We host an annual “happy hour” at the ASSH meeting for residents and fellows and make ourselves available for mentorship and guidance through the transition out of training and into practice.

3) Volunteerism. Many of our members have become site leaders for international work in places like Vietnam and Tanzania. Through these visits we learn, we teach, and we bring immense value to the hospitals we visit.

4) Research. As a cohesive group of surgeons committed to advancing the science of our field, we submit and present original research at national conferences annually. All members participate in research studies in some fashion.

5) Advancing Practice.  Members are continuously working towards the advancement of our field as it relates to patient care, practice management, and surgical techniques. Through our private listserv, we host daily conversations to promote the success of our surgeons and patients.

The success of Manu Amici depends on the commitment of our members to the five pillars and their efforts to regularly participate and attend our events. We maintain a strict attendance policy to ensure that all members remain engaged and included in club activities.